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#39(4)/2017 December


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About the Journal

"Problems of Social Policy. Studies and Discussions” is a quarterly published by the Comittee of Labour and Social Policy Studies of the Polish Academy of Science (Polska Akademia Nauk) and Institute of Social Policy, Warsaw University (Instytut Polityki Społecznej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego). The editors are interested in manuscripts which deal with social policy understood both in a classical way, which implies the focus on the welfare state’s (including its local level) engagement in shaping citizens’ standard and quality of life but also in a less classical way, which encompasses various issues of the solving of social problems (at the national, local and international level). The manuscripts which deal with labour market and labour problems are also welcome. We publish the analyses and research reports which are well theoretically and methodologically grounded. We expect manuscripts having clear theses and structure. Rigorous connection of a well-developed theoretical framework and an empirical study is particularly welcome. We value highly reflective and critical paradigms in social science.


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